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Four Crucial Steps to Generating Tradeshow PR

Trdeshows are an excellent opportunity to increase your company and product’s exposure, expand your visibility in the marketplace, meet face to face with industry leaders, impress potential customers, and attract reporters to gain media coverage. All of these are effective methods to grow your business. Let’s face it: most exhibitors could be doing a better job of generating Public Relations from their tradeshow participation. To take advantage of the tradeshow PR opportunity, you must design a compelling public relations Read More

13 Smart Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are an excellent way for your business to gain exposure and meet prospective clients. But with the convention center crawling with flashy, gimmicky competitors, it's easy for the new kid on the block to overlooked.

To ensure you're gaining maximum ROI from your time and money spent on booth space and making an appearance, it's best to think strategically about how you're going ensure your business is the one being talked about.

1. Start long before you get there.
Read More

Getting Press, Making Connections and Marketing Your Business at Conferences, Conventions and Trade Shows

This is all you have to do at the conference itself:

1. Tweet regularly, and monitor the event’s hashtag and relevant keywords. You know those Twitter lists and Hootsuite streams you spent hours putting together? It’s time to put them to use! Have somebody on your team monitor your Twitter lists and streams within Hootsuite, and respond, interact, retweet or favorite as necessary.​​​​ Create your own content for the conference, too – tweet your own photos, quotes and commentary. It might even be worth it to host a Twitter chat before, after, or during the event, Read More

A History of Step and Repeats In Hollywood

It is likely you have seen Step and Repeat graphics dozens of times without actually being mindful that every day you are subliminally being exposed to logos, graphics and phrases that discreetly promote companies, products and brands. You see most of these backdrops while observing your celebrity crushes strolling the red carpet. What IS Step and Repeat?
Some products are exactly what they sound like and that is exactly the case with Step and Repeat.

Step and Repeat refers to a graphic wall that is splashed with a continuous logo of a sponsor or organization. It is used for the purposes of advertising and capturing photos of celebrities, sports heroes and noteworthy people inRead More

How Image Tagging Can Help Your Brand's Social Media Marketing

Visual marketing is an important part of reaching customers today. For brands concerned with SEO, however, it brings a wide variety of challenges. Search engine algorithms look for specific words, which makes it difficult to challenge competitors by coming up with better photos and videos to dominate search rankings. For brands concerned with SEO, however, it brings a wide variety of challenges. Search engine algorithms look for specific words, which makes it difficult to challenge competitors by coming up with better photos and videos" Read More

Computational Photography: The Tech Behind Tomorrow’s Cameras

The physical elements of taking a photo have scarcely changed in the most recent hundred years. At the point when a picture taker presses the screen discharge, a little light-touchy square catches a similarity of the scene in perspective. However, the concealed the truth is that advanced cameras use calculations and handling energy to decipher the light they catch. The picture that touches base on your memory card is not the one that entered the lens. This pattern is on the ascent, and the following stride is "computational photography Read More

Benefits and Reasons for Internet Video Growth


Simply stated, video is more engaging and compelling than other media. It is an easy way to present information with no reading required! People are accustomed to television and like to watch video. In 2015 video took up 57% of consumer internet traffic, by 2017 this will have risen to 69% and in 2018 it will be 79%.

Video combines pictures, sound, text and movement to create an impact far greater than individual elements and far more than a web page of text could ever provide. People tend to watch more than they read or listen. Read More

Trade Show Booth Give Away "Creating A Home Court Advantage" With Free Professional Headshots

Tired of a lacking, non-inspiring branding presence at your Marketing Event?

Interested in doing something unique at your trade show booth to increase traffic, generate greater lead potential and excitement?

Why not combine a winning strategy for attracting quality leads along with providing business Headshots for attendees at trade events...right on location at your trade booth, conference, convention or fundraiser with an ultra-compact photo social media upload system and professional photographer. Instant professional headshots called "Insta" HeadShots are taken of the event attendees onsite and right within your trade show booth space. Read More

Let Your Brand Shine at Tradeshows

Public relations professionals spend much time and effort helping clients establish a brand identity. They think about how customers will perceive the brand, what image to portray, and what the business stands for. The brand identity they help develop is built upon with every decision made and every product or service launched. Read More

Understanding Trade Show Attendees & How to Generate Leads

When preparing for a trade show, it’s common for businesses to focus their efforts on things like giveaways, booth design, and marketing. Research shows, however, that the number one influence on attendee conversion at a trade show is how they interact with your booth staff. Trade show attendees weigh their personal interactions with exhibitor staff Read More

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